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Environment Details

Access a single view of your environment version, type, and production level, as well as an activity log of actions performed on the environment through Pega Cloud.

  1. Select an environment for which you want to view the details to access the Environment Details tab,

  2. Click the More icon, and then select an action:

    • To download log bundles for that environment, select Download logs.
      1. In the Download Logs pop-up window, enter the date and time range and the associated timezone.
      2. Enter the a reason for downloading your log files. Pega uses that information to improve its client experience with log bundle downloads.
      3. Click Generate log bundle.
      4. When your log bundle successfully completes generating, in the top navigation panel, select the Notification icon, and then select Download log bundle, as shown in the following example:

        Your log bundle downloads to your local system.

    • To restart the AppTier of that environment, select Restart.
      You cannot restart the following environment types or environments with these statuses:
      1. Production environment types
      2. Environments in a hibernating, hibernated, or waking-up status
      3. Environments undergoing maintenance activities.

        Maintenance activities might temporarily disable your ability to restart the Web tier in an environment. For more information, see Pega Cloud Services maintenance and types of system updates.

      1. In the Restart PegaAppTier window, select the reason category that best describes why you want to restart your environment.
      2. Optional: To add additional details for Pega Cloud Services as to why you want to restart your environment, in the Additional details field, enter your description.
      3. Click Restart.
      4. In the top navigation panel, select the Notification icon to view the status of the restart process.
    • If your environment is hibernated, initiate the wake-up process by selecting Wake up.
  3. Monitor your environment in Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud by clicking Monitor on PDC.

  4. Analyze your logs with Kibana by clicking Analyze logs.

  5. View the activity log of self-service actions that are performed on your environment, their status, and the user who performed the action by clicking Activity Log.

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