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Pega Cloud Services FAQ

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What is the auto-scaling methodology of Pega Cloud Services?

Our auto-scaling methodology is Pega intellectual property, and as such, we do not disclose it. As a fully-managed service, our operations team monitors the performance of each Pega Cloud Services environment. Should any performance challenges be noted, we manage scaling your infrastructure in a targeted fashion to ensure continued performance and availability.

Our auto-scaling strategy is based on a pragmatic approach focused on optimizing your stack (applications, database, and network). Our methodology is a continuous improvement process that is designed to ensure we always provide enough resources to meet your application needs.

Does Pega Cloud Services support customer-provided application monitoring?

As a fully managed service, our operations team leverages a suite of monitoring tools to ensure your applications can meet peak performance requirements. Each subscription includes Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, which provides detailed insight into your application performance. To ensure a consistent and optimized Pega Cloud environment, use of other monitoring applications is not supported.

Can Pega Cloud Services customers access the database of their application?

Pega Cloud Services does not support direct access to your application database to avoid negative downstream impacts. For example, changes to the database can prevent successful deployment of future Pega Platform releases and patch releases and the adoption of the latest features.

Where can I find the latest information on software upgrades and patches and infrastructure updates for my Pega Cloud environments?

Pega maintains the latest details for software upgrades and patches and infrastructure updates to Pega Cloud environments in the article, Pega Cloud Services maintenance and types of system updates.

What details are available in customer-facing release notes on the Pega Cloud Services page?

Release notes for Pega Cloud Services are organized and published on a quarterly basis. This schedule is based on our continuous cadence of releases. Our release notes detail enhancements made to Pega Cloud Services throughout the current quarter which are impactful to customers. New Pega Platform features and enhancements supported by Pega Cloud Services are documented in Pega Platform release notes, so they are not included in the Pega Cloud Services release notes.

Can I modify the production level for my Pega Cloud Services environment?

Pega Cloud Services does not support changing the default production-level that Pega Cloud sets as follows during the provisioning for any Pega Cloud environment:

  • 2 – Development/Test environments
  • 3 – Development/Test and Staging environments
  • 4 – Staging environments
  • 5 – Production environments

Pega Cloud does not support requests to modify these levels.

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