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Pega Cloud SFTP Service FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Pega Cloud® SFTP Service include the following:

What environment types are supported for the Pega Cloud SFTP service?

The Pega Cloud SFTP service is supported for use in DevTest, Staging, and Production environment types; it is not supported for use in Deployment Manager and Agile Studio environments.

Can I access files associated with the Pega Cloud SFTP service in one environment (e.g., prod1) from another environment (e.g., dev1)?

No. Each environment's file storage is completely isolated. Even environments of the same type (for example, dev1, dev2) cannot access each other's SFTP files.

Does the Pega Cloud SFTP service support multiple users?

No. A single user, sftp-user, is provided with the Pega Cloud SFTP service. Access is restricted by configuring a unique public key for sftp-user in each environment, which is important for your Pega Cloud production environments.

Is my data secure when using a Pega Cloud SFTP service?

Yes, all Pega Cloud SFTP data transfers are encrypted by SSH and the data at rest is encrypted by using an environment-specific key.

What is the availability guarantee for the Pega Cloud SFTP service?

The Pega Cloud SFTP Server is a robust service. Failures are very rare, and in the event of a failure, the SFTP Server is automatically restarted within 15 minutes of failure detection. All files and folders are preserved across failures. It does not support high availability (HA).

I accidentally deleted a file from a Pega Cloud SFTP service. Can it be restored?

No. After you delete a file, it is gone.

Can I use files from my production environment's SFTP service in my devTest or staging environments?

No, you cannot access files directly from a different Pega Cloud Service environment in your subscription. However, you can use an SFTP client to manually download files from one environment and then use the client to upload them to a different environment's SFTP Server.

Can I customize the folder names provided by the Pega Cloud SFTP service?

Yes. Clients must make a request by selecting New request in My Support Portal to request that Pega Cloud support creates specifically named folders in their environment. Currently there is no support for clients creating new folders or renaming existing folders.

Can I have a custom domain configured for the Pega Cloud SFTP service?


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