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Requesting a virtual private cloud (VPC) peering connection

You can use a virtual private cloud (VPC) peering connection to access your systems of record or transfer data between your Pega Cloud® VPC and your Amazon VPC by using private IPv4 addresses.

VPC peering is a virtual connection within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture that enables one-to-one networking connections between VPCs within the same region.

  1. Request a VPC peering connection by opening a service request through the Pegasystems My Support Portal. Include your Amazon VPC Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) information in the request. In response to your request, Pega Cloud Support provides you with the following information:

    • The Pega Cloud AWS account ID
    • Your Pega Cloud VPC ID and region
    • Your Pega Cloud VPC address range (CIDR)
  2. Using the information that you receive from Pega Cloud Support, create the VPC peering connection by sending a peering request to your Pega Cloud VPC from your AWS account.

    1. From the Amazon VPC console, in the navigation pane, click Peering Connections.

    2. Click Create VPC Peering Connection, and complete the following fields to configure your VPC peering connection request:

      • Name tag – Enter a name for the VPC peering connection.
      • Local VPC to peer – Select the VPC in your account with which you want to create the VPC peering connection.
      • Account – Select My account.
      • Account ID – Enter the Pega Cloud AWS account ID.
      • VPC ID – Enter your Pega Cloud VPC ID.
  3. Click Create VPC Peering Connection, and click OK to confirm the request.

    The IPv4 CIDR blocks for the VPCs that you are establishing a peering connection between must not overlap. If the IPv4 CIDR blocks overlap, the VPC peering connection fails, even if the VPCs have unique IPv6 CIDR blocks.
  4. After your VPC peering connection request is accepted, create a route table entry that includes the VPC peering connection information.

    1. From the Amazon VPC console, in the navigation pane, click Route Tables.

    2. Select the VPC that you are establishing the peering connection with.

    3. On the Routes tab, click Add another route and provide the following information:

      • Destination – Enter the CIDR for your Pega Cloud VPC.
      • Target – Enter the information for the peered VPC.
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