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Self-managing your Pega Cloud environments from My Support Portal

You can manage your Pega Cloud Services environments from the My Pega Cloud tab on the My Support Portal. For example, you can restart an environment, download a bundle of log files, and view high-level details about the environment.

To use My Support Portal, ensure that you completed the following tasks:
  • Ensure that you allow cookies in your browser settings.
  • Contact your Pega Cloud administrator for the cloud-system role access privileges. Administrators can refer to the Support Contact Administrator Guide for additional information.

Depending on your My Support Portal credentials, you can do accomplish the following tasks:

  • Restarts in Pega Cloud environments

    Restarts in Pega Cloud® Services are required in certain scenarios to complete configuration changes.

  • Viewing your environment details from My Pega Cloud

    Pega Cloud customers can view their environment details from the My Pega Cloud tab of My Support Portal. For example, you can view the Pega Platform version, current environment status, and user activities for any environment which your credentials provide access.

  • Accessing your log files for troubleshooting

    Pega Cloud customers can download log files from the My Pega Cloud tab in the My Support Portal for internal analysis or to share with Pega Global Customer Support (GCS). This ability to download logs is an enhancement to the Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud which offers the self-service capability to review alerts and exceptions.

  • Accessing server logs by using Kibana

    Pega Cloud Services gives you the capability to view your server logs for analysis and tracking purposes. This service is built on the Kibana platform, which provides tools for searching and organizing the data.

  • Accessing your logs using an external S3 repository

    As a Pega Cloud Services client, you can stream your log files directly to your Amazon S3 repository. Streaming logs directly to your S3 repository gives you the flexibility and control of immediate access to your log files without relying on third-party integrations or Pega-provided services. Log streaming gives you continual access to your Pega Platform logs in any of your Pega Cloud environments.

  • Streaming Pega logs to Splunk

    Pega Cloud® Services offers add-on Pega Platform™ log streaming. By integrating an existing Splunk service with Pega Cloud Services, you can customize your Pega Platform application monitoring and more efficiently manage your Pega Platform logs. Log streaming gives you continual access to the Pega Platform logs in any of your Pega Cloud environments.

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