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Working with Pega Cloud Services

Pega provides services and tools in your Pega Cloud® environments for use with your Pega applications running in your environments. These services and tools can be divided into the following categories:

  • Data management services - includes database maintenance, making external database connections, and other tasks.
  • Networking and integration - connecting to REST or SOAP services, configuring IBM MQ, setting up private connections, such as a VPC peering connection or AWS Direct Connect.

  • Networking and integration – the process for conducting security assessments for applications on Pega Cloud.

To ensure your environments and applications work seamlessly together, Pega Cloud Services does not support customizing your deployment outside the use of Pega Platform, because these types of customizations can impact your Pega application performance, reliability, and compatibility with future releases. For details, see Customizations in client Pega Cloud Services environments accounts.

  • Data management services

    Pega Cloud® Services offers a robust set of options to provide self-service for your data management requirements1.

  • Networking and integration

    Pega Cloud® provides the following options for networking, integration, and access control in customer cloud environments:

  • Vulnerability testing policy for applications on Pega Cloud

    Pega Cloud Services clients and/or Pega Cloud for Government clients (hereinafter referred to as "Pega Cloud" clients) can conduct security assessments for applications on Pega Cloud when such assessments are preauthorized and performed within the guidelines described in this article. Application-tier vulnerability scanning is allowed when clients need to assess and report on the security of their cloud-delivered applications, client-directed development, and services for internal audit or compliance programs.

  • Customizations in client Pega Cloud Services environments

    Pega requires that clients leverage Pega Platform™ for customizations in their Pega Cloud® environments. This ensures you are able to keep your application current with the latest Pega Platform and Pega Cloud features and functionality.

  • Environment auto-hibernation and FAQ

    Starting June 2020, Pega Cloud® Services is taking action to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of its client environment portfolio.

  • Considerations when Pega decommissions a Pega Cloud environment

    Pegasystems Inc. removes Pega Cloud® Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)—or Pega Cloud environments deployed within the Pega Cloud VPC—using a standard process known as decommissioning.

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