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The environment infrastructure update process for releases 8.2.x and earlier

This content applies only to Cloud environments.

Pega Cloud® Services updates the underlying environment and supporting services for clients to support the newest Pega Cloud infrastructure features and enhancements. These infrastructure updates are part of the standard maintenance policy as defined in Pega Cloud maintenance and types of system updates. Infrastructure updates are a separate process from Pega software upgrades or patches, so they do not affect the Pega software running in a Pega Cloud environment. For information about the latest infrastructure changes, see the Pega Cloud Services release notes.

The information provided in this document is for planning purposes and is subject to change at the discretion of Pegasystems Inc.

Benefits of Pega Cloud Services environment infrastructure updates

Pega Cloud Services updates each client environment infrastructure with zero downtime and without affecting the Pega software. To ensure that an infrastructure is implemented with zero downtime, clients must ensure that any longer-running Pega processes are shutdown prior to the update. For details, see the section, Client responsibilities.

Background processing restarts are completely automated in Pega Platform™ 8.3.x and later.

Infrastructure update considerations

Pegesystems, Inc. completes environment infrastructure updates during their agreed upon standard maintenance window that they defined during the Pega Cloud Services onboarding process. Clients are notified a minimum of five days in advance and then reminded with a second notification four hours prior to the initiation of the infrastructure update process within the standard maintenance window. In order to minimize any disruption to the update process, clients should review required the required steps that are dependent on the features of the Pega software versions that they are running.

Depending on the version of Pega Platform running in your Pega Cloud environment, clients will see the following impact to search functionality during an infrastructure update:

  • Pega Platform 8.1.4 and later - search is highly available and doesn't require re-indexing.
  • Pega Platform 8.1 through 8.1.3 - search is not available until automated Search re-indexing completes. Pegasystems Inc. applies cumulative patch releases for the latest Pega Platform 8.x software to the environment.
  • Pega Platform 7.4 and earlier - search is not available and requires clients to re-index the search. For details, see Rebuilding search indexes from the user interface.

Pegasystems Inc. responsibilities

During the Pega Cloud Services environment infrastructure update, Pegasystems Inc. responsibilities include the following actions:

  • Manage communications with the client throughout this update process, including notification before the update begins and after the infrastructure update is complete.
  • Document any issue that was discovered during the update process and, if necessary, work with the client to resolve any infrastructure issues.

Client responsibilities

During the Pega Cloud Services environment infrastructure update process, depending on the use of certain features in their Pega applications, the client responsibilities may include the following actions:

  • Clients are advised to reschedule any upcoming activities, such as campaigns or job schedulers, to be initiated after the environment infrastructure update is complete.
  • In order to avoid possible disruption to background processes, clients should consider stopping all background processes before the infrastructure update begins and then restarting Pega queue processors, job schedulers, and DSM dataflows after you receive notification that the patch application is complete. The Pega infrastructure update process automatically restarts Pega agents and listeners after it is complete. For more information and procedures to complete the pausing and subsequent resuming of background processes, see Managing background processes during upgrades and patches. Background processes are automatically managed during updates and patches for clients running Pega Platform 8.3.x and later.
  • Review the notifications that Pegasystems Inc. sends that includes the details of an upcoming environment infrastructure update. If a client must reschedule a environment infrastructure update, they should call the Pega Support Contact Information hotline listed for their region.
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