Defining your Pega Collections strategies

As Pega Collections™ does not fully support Pega Next-Best-Action Designer, you must create your own Pega Collections strategies. You can then add your custom strategies to Pega Collections data flows to further utilize them.

Before you begin:

Build your own Pega Collections strategy that is based on your business requirements and business logic. For example, a strategy that imports actions, applies decision logic or updates the actions with data, and then returns them. See “Creating Strategies” in the Pega Marketing for Financial Services User Guide on the Pega Marketing for Financial Services product page.

Create your strategies in the implementation customer class.


  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records > Data Model > Data Flow.
  2. On the Data Flow tab, double-click the GetCollectionOffers row.
  3. Save the data flow to your implementation customer class:

    1. Click Save as.

    2. In the Apply to field, press the Down arrow key, and then select your implementation customer class.
      The class controls which rules the data flow can use, as well as which rules can call the data flow.

    3. In the Add to ruleset field, select the name and version of the ruleset that stores the data flow.

    4. Click Create and open.

  4. Replace the decision strategy with your own Pega Collections strategy:

    1. Double-click the Fallback Strategy shape.

    2. In the decision strategy configurations window, in the Strategy field, press the Down arrow key, and then select the strategy that you created in the customer class.

    3. Click Submit.

  5. Repeat step 2 to step 4 for the following data flows:

    • GetPaymentPlans

    • GetSettlementPlans

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