Using context dictionary with Pega Collections

Starting in Pega Marketing™ release 7.4, Pega introduced a context dictionary to define your marketing data structure and indicate your primary context. The primary context is the entity that receives the email, SMS, push notification, and is typically the customer class.

To provide the flexibility to define an arbitrary primary context, Pega introduced the following root decisioning classes that have a property for each context defined in the context dictionary:

  • Data-Decision-Request-Customer 
  • Data-Decision-Request-Prospect

To integrate any custom strategies into the Next-Best-Action flow, which is auto-generated by Next-Best-Action Designer, you must integrate at the root decisioning classes.

To support decisioning at more than one level, the strategy canvas needs to contain the appropriate context shape and be a part of the Data-Decision-Request-Customer class. If you want to migrate strategies, create a "wrapper" strategy and assign it to the Data-Decision-Request-Customer class with the appropriate context and a reference strategy in your customer class. Similarly, a "wrapper" for the prospect class is part of the Data-Decision-Request-Prospect class with the appropriate context and a reference strategy in your prospect class.

Once the context dictionary is defined, on the strategy canvas menu, you can locate your context entities under the Sub strategy menu.

Sub strategy menu
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Sub strategy menu

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