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Configuring the delivery of passbook treatments with the Send Passbook shape


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The Send Passbook shape enables the user to configure a Passbook Treatment for delivery.

The following general configuration options are available for this shape:

Name Purpose
Passbook Style Style of the Passbook Treatment to send. Currently available options are Coupon and Generic.
Passbook Treatment Name of the Passbook Treatment (pass) to send. Refer to the Passbook Treatments section in the Treatments chapter for details on creating and configuring Passbook Treatments.
Key Code Marketing code used to identify the treatment. This value can be output in the sent email and/or the generated pass, and can be used to track the performance of different treatments. If a key code value is specified on the Passbook Treatment being referenced, it will be auto-populated into this field upon selecting the treatment.
Email Treatment Name of the Email Treatment to use to deliver new passes and updates to existing passes. The pass is delivered as an attachment to the email message.

Delivery Options

New passes are delivered as attachments to emails. On iOS devices, the customer can open the attached pass and can add it to their Passbook.

The following delivery configuration options are available for this shape:

Name Purpose
Email Subject Subject of the email containing the new/updated pass. Refer to Configuring Email Subject for more details.

On Update

Users have multiple options for updating passes that have previously been sent. When the same Passbook Treatment is used in multiple shapes in the same flow, the first delivery is treated as a new pass. Subsequent deliveries (shapes) are treated as updates to the existing pass. Furthermore, if the Passbook Treatment is configured as a global treatment (“Keep updating the pass…” option is enabled on the treatment’s Advanced tab), even the first passbook shape will result in an update scenario if the pass has already been sent to the customer previously (via a different action or campaign).

The following configuration options are available for updating passes:

Name Purpose
Push Notification Select this option to utilize the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to signal the device that an update is available for the pass. The device will then make a web service call to get the latest pass.
Email Notification Select this option to send the updated pass as an attachment to the email (specified in the Email Treatment field).
If neither notification option (Push or Email) is enabled, the system will generate and store the updated pass internally. This updated pass will be available to pass holders (customers) when they attempt to manually update the pass.

Wait After Sending

Users can determine whether they would like to wait after sending a pass. The wait options available are the same for all wait-based shapes and are described in the section on the Wait shape.

Email Account

Users also have the option to specify the Outbound Email account to use for sending the message. These configuration options are available in the Advanced tab of the Send Passbook shape and are described in the Email Account sub-section of the Send Email shape.

Testing the Send Passbook shape

The Send Passbook shape provides an easy mechanism to test its outcome. Users can employ this test mechanism to test the online delivery of the email with the pass attachment. Refer to Testing the Send Email shape for details on configuration options for the test message.

The test email will be sent with the selected pass as an attachment. Refer to the Reviewing the Test Pass sub-section in the Treatments chapter for details on reviewing and adding the test pass.

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