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Debugging the NBAStrategyFramework component


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If you see that strategy results are getting dropped from the NBAStrategyFramework component in the trigger strategy, the next step is to debug the NBAStrategyFramework strategy to find the high level component where the results are dropping out.

Testing the NBAStrategyFramework and lower strategies requires that you add an external input strategy, which will provide the actions to test against.

  1. In the Pega Customer Decision Hub portal, click Intelligence Strategies .

  2. Open the NBAStrategyFramework strategy.

  3. Open the Test Run panel by clicking the slider button on the right side of the strategy canvas.

  4. In the Settings section, select Data transform, and then select a persona transform.

  5. Click the Open icon.

  6. On the Definition tab of the data transform, specify the characteristics of the persona.

    The persona characteristics are defined as properties of the customer, their journey, and other related data.
    If you have a specific test customer contact that you want to use as a test persona, enter their ID in the Set .ContactId equal to row. You can add new properties by right-clicking on a row and selecting Add child.
  7. Save the data transform and switch back to the NBAStrategyFramework strategy.

  8. In the For external inputs use strategy field, enter ExternalInputTester, and then click the Open icon.

    Selecting a strategy to test the non-generated components of the strategy framework
  9. Select your primary decision context, for example, Customer.

  10. Make sure that the No development branch option is selected.

  11. Click Create and open.

  12. In the customer context section on the strategy canvas, add a Proposition Import shape, and select the issue, group, and action that you want to test.

    Adding a Proposition Import shape to the customer context box
  13. Save and check in the ExternalInputTester strategy.

  14. Switch back to the NBAStrategyFramework strategy.

  15. Click Run, and then select the Result component to view the strategy results.

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