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Debugging trigger strategies


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Trigger strategies are referenced by the dataflow which is invoked by the channel services. To test a trigger strategy, use the data transform (persona) that was automatically generated for you based on your Context Dictionary and run the trigger strategy to identify where the actions are dropping out.

Update the persona data transform to include customer attributes that satisfy any engagement policies that you defined for the strategy. The persona transform includes the following sections:
Inbound channels use the real-time container service to execute the Next-Best-Action strategy framework. This data structure allows you to define and test results for inbound channels, such as the ContainerName, Direction and Channel, as well as any contextual data.
Real-time events execute the Next-Best-Action strategy framework to determine if there is an appropriate next best action to take based on the event. This data structure allows you to define and test results for an event such as EventName and EventType.
This section represents all of the customer data. Add any property that you want to test against your engagement policy criteria.
The name of this data structure may vary depending on your Context Dictionary definition.
Save the persona data transform into your implementation layer to create as many personas as you want to test your strategies against.
  1. In the Pega Customer Decision Hub portal, click Intelligence Strategies .

  2. Open the Trigger_NBA_TopLevel strategy.

  3. Open the Test Run panel by clicking the slider button on the right side of the strategy canvas.

  4. In the Settings section, select Data transform, and then select a persona transform, as in the following figure

    Selecting a customer persona for strategy testing
  5. Click the Open icon.

  6. On the Definition tab of the data transform, specify the characteristics of the persona.

    The persona characteristics are defined as properties of the customer, their journey, and other related data.
    If you have a specific test customer contact that you want to use as a test persona, enter their ID in the Set .ContactId equal to row. You can add new properties by right-clicking on a row and selecting Add child.
  7. Save the data transform and switch back to your trigger strategy.

  8. Click Run, and then select the Result component to view the strategy results.

To find the strategy component that is not performing as expected, you can click through each shape on the strategy canvas and identify if and where actions are dropping out.
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