Pega Customer Service for Healthcare sample operators and access groups

Pega Customer Service for Healthcare can be used in different types of healthcare contact centers. As part of installation, you can optionally install the sample application that includes operators and access groups. You use them to access the sample application and review the application's capabilities, copy into your application, or extend to meet your business needs.

For additional information, see the Pega Customer Service for Healthcare and Pega Sales Automation for Healthcare Installation Guide.

The sample application includes operators and access groups for the following types of healthcare contact centers:

Member Services and Provider Services

NameDescriptionDefault access groupDefault portal
CSHCSysAdminSystems administrator operatorCSHC:SysAdminDesigner Studio
CSHCManagerContact center manager operatorCSHC:MGRInteraction Portal
CSHCCSRContact center representative operatorCSHC:CSRInteraction Portal
CSHCAppStudioAdminSystems administrator operatorCSHCAuthorPega Express

Medicare Member Services

NameDescriptionDefault access groupDefault portal
CSHCMedicare SysAdminSystems administrator operatorCSHC:MedicareSysAdminDesigner Studio
CSHCMedicareMgrContact center manager operatorCSHC:MedicareMGRInteraction Portal
CSHCMedicareCSRContact center representative operatorCSHC:MedicareCSRInteraction Portal
CSHCMedicareAppStudioAdminSystems administrator operatorCSHCMedicareAuthorPega Express

Patient Relationship Management

Use the following operators only if you have also licensed Patient Relationship Management.

NameDescriptionDefault access groupDefault portal
CareCoordinationManagerThe care coordinator does not create care plans. This manager manages a team of care coordinators.CareSample:CareCoordinationManagerInteraction Portal
CareCoordinatorThis care manager might be a clinical or non-clinical role.CareSample:CareCoordinatorInteraction Portal

Published April 4, 2018 — Updated March 22, 2019

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