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Case type templates


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Pega Customer Service includes several case type templates that follow best practices for case type processing. Use a case type template to quickly create a new case type that includes the most common case processing features.

A case type created from a template includes switches so that you can quickly enable and disable features.

When you use a switch to enable or disable a feature, you do not need to manually make any changes to the case type workflow, such as removing a step. When a step is controlled by a switch, the step remains part of the workflow model, regardless of whether the feature is enabled or disabled.

Pega Customer Service includes the following case type templates. Select the template that most closely matches the process that you want to build, or select the generic template.

Template name Description Applications Work pools
Customer Service Generic Template A generic template that includes the most common case type capabilities and models best practices. For more information, see Customer Service Generic Template. All PegaCA-Work-Service
Statement Copy Customer requests an account or policy statement. All PegaCA-Work-Service
Make Payment Customer requests to make a payment on an account or policy. All PegaCA-Work-Service, PegaComm-FW-CPMCFW-Work-Service, PegaCPMFS-Work-Service, PegaCPMI-Work-Service
Close Account Customer requests to close an account or policy. All PegaCA-Work-Service
Address Change Customer requests to change an address for an account or policy. All PegaCA-Work-Service
Manage Customer Circumstance Customer reports special circumstances that might temporarily affect their account or policy, such as an illness or change in job status. All PegaCA-Work-Service, PegaCPMFS-Work-Service
Pause Service Temporarily suspends communications services Pega Customer Service for Communications PegaComm-FW-CPMCFW-Work-Service
View Benefits Displays healthcare policy benefits Pega Customer Service for Healthcare PegaCPMHC-Work-Service
Policy Inquiry Compares rates and benefits of old and new insurance policies Pega Customer Service for Insurance PegaCPMI-Work-Service

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