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Customizing the header and composite section of Interaction Portal


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You can customize the interaction header and composites of the Interaction Portal based on your business requirements and to improve the user experience for customer service representatives. Customization can include adding, deleting, or editing sections and fields located in the sections of the header and composites. The customization ensures that your application users have an optimal view and a user experience for customer interactions.

The application provides a variety of design templates that you can select to configure the header and composite user interface views.

  1. Open App Studio by logging in to your application with your administrator credentials.

  2. In App Studio, launch an interaction.

  3. Click the Toggle design mode icon.

  4. To modify the header section, click the Workarea icon in the header.

  5. To change the template, click Change and then select a template of your choice.

  6. To add sections in the template, click the Add icon and drag and drop the section of your choice to the header.

  7. To delete a section, click the section and then click the Remove this section icon.

  8. To edit the fields of the section, click the section, highlight the field that you want to edit, and then click the Edit this field icon.

  9. Update the required fields in the right corner of the page and click Apply.

  10. To modify the composites, go down to the composite section and then click the Workarea icon.

  11. Perform steps 5 through 7 to edit the template and sections of the composite section.

  12. To revert the changes that you made, click Undo.

    The modifications that you made are auto-saved.

Hiding header icons for unused features

In the Interaction Portal header, hide icons for unused features so that CSRs can more quickly find the tools that they use most.

The following figure shows the Interaction portal header icons that CSRs use during customer interactions:

Interaction Portal header icons
Interaction Portal header icons that can be shown or hidden

You can hide any of the icons in the top-right section of the Interaction Portal header except for the user icon. The default header section includes an extension section so that you can add customized icons if required.

The following icons are hidden automatically if appropriate:
  • The Chat routing icon is hidden if you do not have a chat server configured.
  • The Phone icon is hidden if you do not have a CTI phone system configured.
  • The Messaging system health icon is hidden if you do not have manager privileges.
  • The Start My Day icon is hidden if you have not enabled that feature in the Robotics settings.
  1. To hide the Call center volume indicator, clear the Display call volume indicator check box in the Agent productivity settings. For more information, see Configuring agent productivity settings.

  2. To hide the Email cases icon, select the Hide email cases check box in the Agent productivity settings. For more information, see Configuring agent productivity settings.

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