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Implementing call duration goals


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The call duration goal provides a call guidance message to the representative during a phone interaction.

Defining the call duration goal

The DetermineCallDurationGoal decision table can include information such as customer lifetime value, and last NPS score to set the value of the call duration goal.

  1. click Records Decision Decision Table .

  2. In the Purpose field, click the filter icon and enter DetermineCallDurationGoal.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. In the results list, click the instance of DetermineCallDurationGoal in the latest ruleset.

  5. In the decision table, review the value in the Conditions column to determine which properties will be used to set the call duration value.

  6. Click the Results tab.

  7. In the Results section, expand Additional Allowed Results to determine if you need to add any entries need to the allowed results.

Creating call duration goals

Call duration goals guide a customer service representative during an interaction. They are used to communicate the speed at which an interaction can be configured to reflect the needs of their customers based on attributes, such as customer value, number of years with your business, or other variables that help to set the call duration goal.

To display the current call duration goal, the Interaction Portal uses the CallDurationGoal property located in MyApp-Work-Interaction. The CallDurationGoal property uses a declare expression to load the correct value from the DetermineCallDurationGoal decision table. When you create a new application, a blank DetermineCallDurationGoal decision table is created for you. You must populate it based on the information from the Defining the call duration goal process.

To populate the decision table, follow these steps.

  1. click Records.

  2. Click Decision > Decision Table.

  3. In the Purpose * field, click the filter icon and enter DetermineCallDurationGoal in the Search Text box.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click DetermineCallDurationGoal in the results list.

  6. Update the decision table.

  7. Click Save as.

  8. Specify your class, MyApp-Work-Interaction, ruleset, and version.

  9. Click Create and open.

  10. Click Save.

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