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Adding Web Chatbot custom responses

The Web Chatbot is a standalone widget that can be deployed on your website. This widget interacts with customers by using a text interface. The Web Chatbot can be used to help customers find information, send automated responses to their queries, and to create a case for escalations. You can configure custom responses for the Web Chatbot so that users, by entering a specific command in the chat window, perform an action such as view available menu options, log off from the current chat session, or restart the chat session. In most cases, simple text responses are used to create the Web Chatbot content.

  1. In Designer Studio, click the name of your application and then click Channels and Interfaces.
  2. Click a Web Chatbot channel interface.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. To add a custom response, click Add response.
  5. In the Name/Command field, enter or modify a user command for the response to provide.
  6. In the Response type list, click the name of the response to provide when a user enters a command.
  7. Optional: In the Response text field, enter the response text to display to the user. You can select a predefined response text by clicking Use existing.
  8. Optional: Add a command item to display in a menu:
    1. To add a command item, click Add response. To modify a command item, click its Configuration icon.
    2. From the Menu item list, click the menu command name.
    3. In the Label field, enter a label for the menu command item.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Click Save.
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