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Configuring action types for Self-Service Advisor in Pega Customer Service 7.22

You can personalize the experience that is delivered to your customer by using Self-Service Advisor. Some examples of personalization include injecting a customer identity into the Self-Service Advisor that matches an existing contact within the organization, changing the configured channel order, and channel visibility.

Action types are delivered in multiple layers as a part of the customer experience:

  • As injected actions or as suggested cases when Self-Service Advisor is launched
  • After a customer selects a category through self-service cases (Quick Actions) that depend on the case type containing customer data
  • After a category is selected or a search is performed

Injecting service cases during an interaction, prioritizing channels, or removing channels relies on Customer Decision Hub (CDH) suggestions to improve the customer experience while using the Self-Service Advisor.

  1. Log in to the Self-Service Advisor application using the following credentials.
    User Name: AdvisorUser
    Password: install
  2. Create a new advisor or open an existing advisor.
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Click Add Action to add an action type.
  5. From the preconfigured list, select CDH suggestions.
  6. Select the action type.
  7. Select the default category to which you want to associate the action type.
  8. Set the status to Enabled or Disabled.
  9. Click Submit.
Identity management of authenticated users is dependent on the website and the identity management that is performed through the calling page. The AdvisorHelper.js file that is generated contains identity references to an account that is delivered as part of the sample data set in Pega Customer Service. Replace the functionality to read a cookie or inject an identity from the calling page that maps to how your business manages and persists authenticated users across your website and how it associates them with Pega Contact and Account records.
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