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Configuring categories for Self-Service Advisor

Before you configure Self-Service Advisor, install Pega Knowledge and configure knowledge taxonomies. For more information, see Configuring the Pega Knowledge taxonomy for Self-Service Advisor.

In Pega Knowledge, you can categorize articles to help organize and support a more efficient search and display of content. The application provides a multi-level category structure for classification. In Self-Service Advisor, you can determine which category to use for the chat queue. The articles within a category display when you click the category name in the Self-Service Advisor window.

  1. Log in to the Self-Service Advisor application by using the following credentials:
    User Name: AdvisorAdmin
    Password: install
  2. In the Categories tab, click Add Category. This adds a row to configure a new category for the Self-Service Advisor.
  3. In the Help Category column, click Select and select the category from the pop-up list. You can choose the category or the article based on how you want to display your content to customers.
  4. Optional: Select the Icon that you want to use to represent your category. You can enter a symbol or character, or you can select an icon from the list. If you want to use a single display icon for all added categories, click Settings near the header and select options based on your needs.
  5. Optional: To add or delete Case types, click the Add link. In the pop-up dialog, click Add tasks and select the tasks from the list. To delete a task, select the task and click Delete. When you are finished updating the number of case types in the advisor, click OK.
  6. Optional: Select the Chat queue to which the customer is escalated to if the self-serve options do not address the issue and the customer chooses to chat.
  7. Optional: Enter the Phone # number to which you want the customer to get connected to when they click the Call us link in the Self-Service Advisor.
  8. Optional: Enter the Email address that you want to configure where the customer can send their queries or problem statement.
  9. Optional: Enter the Email subject that you want to send for the category when the customer interacts with support by using Email channel.
  10. Click Submit.
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