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Configuring Self-Service Advisor

To use Self-Service Advisor functionality, you must configure advisors based on your business requirements. You can build one consolidated set of advisors or multiple distinct advisors in the Self-Service Advisor Configuration Portal.

To use the Self-Service Advisor, you must have both Pega Knowledge and Pega Chat already installed, each of which are licensed separately.
  1. Log in to the Self-Service Advisor application by using the following credentials:
    User Name: AdvisorAdmin
    Password: install
  2. To add a new Self-Service Advisor, click Add a Self-Service Advisor.
  3. On the Configuration tab, configure the following fields:
    • Name – The name of the new Self-Service Advisor.
    • Chat server – The chat server that you want to configure for the Self-Service Advisor. For more information, see Configuring a Pega Chat server for the Self-Service Advisor.
    • Optional: Pega Application URL – The default application URL where the Self-Service Advisor is deployed. To change the default URL, enter the URL where you want to deploy the Self-Service Advisor.
    • Default category for search – The default category to which the chat, email, or phone interaction is initiated when a user does not select a category before searching.
    • Allow redirect to WSS – Select this option to provide a button link that opens a new window to display the complete knowledge article. When this option is selected, a text field displays where you can enter the name that you want to display on the button. For example, by default, the name of the button reads Pop-out article. You can change it to instead read: Learn more.
    • Offer Email only when chat is unavailable – Select this option to allow the use of email interactions only with an indication that the chat channel is unavailable.
    • Memo – The log message that you enter when you make any configuration change. These memo messages are displayed in the History tab with the time stamp.
  4. Optional: To preview your Self-Service Advisor configurations, click Preview.
  5. Click Submit.

    Any changes that are made to an already-deployed advisor do not require you to redeploy the advisor.

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