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Configuring a Service Level Agreement profile

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a formal agreement negotiated among organizations and their customers that clarifies the responsibilities of the parties involved in the agreement.

An SLA profile determines a value that identifies the current service needs of an entity associated with the SLA, such as a contact from a business unit or account owner.

​An SLA profile has one of the following values:

  • Platinum – Response time (for example, 12 hours) to resolve an escalated issue due to high importance and high priority
  • Gold – Response time (for example, 24 hours) to resolve an escalated issue due to high priority
  • Silver – Response time (for example, 48 hours) to resolve an escalated issue

For example, if a high priority business unit associated with the SLA raises an issue, this business unit is assigned a platinum SLA profile to indicate that the account requires expedited service.

  1. Log in to the Customer Service application.
  2. From the Explorer panel, click App to open the Application Explorer.
  3. Enter PegaCA-Interface-BusinessUnit to PegaCA-Interface-Contact in the class field at the top of the explorer.
  4. Expand Decision, and click Declare Expression.
  5. In the Applies to list, click classname.Profile, and click Save as.
  6. In the Label field, enter a name (for example, SLAprofile).
  7. In the Development branch list, select any branch.
  8. In the Add to ruleset list, select a ruleset.
  9. Click Create and open.
  10. On the Expressions tab, in the If list, select a property (for example .PriorityType).
  11. Select an operator from the Operator list (for example, =), and enter the property value (for example, High) in the Value field.
  12. To include an additional evaluation, click the Actions link to the right of the If list, and select one of the following: Insert Condition Before or Insert Condition After.
  13. In the Then set Profile = list, select Value of, and in the Value field, enter any value (for example, Platinum) to set if the condition evaluates to true.
  14. In the Otherwise set Profile = list, select Value of, and then in the Lowercase field, enter the default SLA value (for example, Gold) to set if none of the conditions evaluate to true.
  15. On the Change Tracking tab, select any value form the Calculate Value list (for example, whenever input changes). This list enforces the property value to be calculated whenever the input changes.
  16. In the Execute this expression list, select the appropriate value.

Configuring an SLA profile

Configuring an SLA profile

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