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Creating Self-Service Advisor cases

The Self-Service Advisor solution provides sample service cases. To create service cases, create a Self-Service Advisor application, and then add the service cases. For more information, see Self-Service Advisor.

To ensure that the self-service cases are rendered appropriately within Self-Service Advisor, you must configure layout options to make the case work within the portrait mode that is used within Advisor. Consider the following guidelines when creating service cases and when designing the user experience for mobile service cases.

  • Use Default or Stacked Dynamic layouts. Avoid using Inline Grid Double or Triple layouts.
  • Use fields that fit on a single screen. Avoid scrolling (especially horizontal) in the action area.
  • Use server side validation in your case design, particularly on complex cases with a high likelihood of escalation mid-case. Avoid client-side validation that stops the process, especially for escalations from chat.
  • Save the section changes or skin overrides to the PegaCS-GuideCases ruleset to avoid impacting other Pega Customer Service layout conventions.

Create a service case in the recent open ruleset version of PegaCS-GuideCases. You can also save the new service case to any ruleset, provided that the intent task for that case is copied to any of the rulesets that are packaged for the Self Service Advisor application. After you create service cases, they display in the Self-Service Advisor configuration portal as options in the Add Task menu on the Configuration tab and as action type lists on the Actions tab.

To perform the following tasks, you should be a qualified Pega Customer Service Systems Administrator or Architect with adequate knowledge of Designer Studio and Pega Express.

To identify the latest PegaCS-GuideCases ruleset version, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the application by entering your administrator credentials.
  2. In Designer Studio, click your application name and then click Open Application.
  3. To view the latest PegaCS-GuideCases ruleset version, click the Edit ruleset icon . In the Edit ruleset page that opens, you can identify the latest ruleset version number.

To create a service case from Pega Express, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the application by entering your administrator credentials.
  2. In Designer Studio, click the Switch to Express icon .
  3. In the Pega Express window, click Cases, and then click New.
  4. Create a new service case by following the on-screen instructions. The newly created service case is added to the latest version of the open ruleset.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Optional: If you create a service case in a different ruleset, ensure that you copy the intent task that is created to the PegaCS-GuideCases ruleset.
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