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Customer Relationship Management use cases

There are many use cases that demonstrate how you can use the Pega®Customer Relationship Management suite of applications. Included below are three examples to help you understand the integration of Pega Customer Service and Pega Sales Automation.

Your Customer Relationship Management environment must be set up correctly. For information about the setup, see Configuring your application for Pega Customer Relationship Management in your implementation guide.

Customer service representative accesses Pega Sales Automation history and case types

Mark Reynolds is a customer service representative who uses the Customer Service application as part of the Customer Relationship Management suite. As part of his daily routine, he takes calls from customers, reviews their activity, and creates service requests on their behalf. In this role, it is critical that Mark has insight into the entire customer case history and profile, including leads and opportunities. Additionally, when interacting with customers, Mark might create leads for new products or renewals.

Mark uses the Customer Service composite to view the cases that were created in Sales Automation. He can also create a lead record in the Sales Automation application from within Customer Service, without leaving the application.

Sales representative accesses Pega Customer Service history and case types

Patricia Palmer is a sales representative who uses the Sales Automation application as part of the Customer Relationship Management suite. She performs sales-related activities, such as creating and processing leads, converting leads to opportunities, and managing customer sales data. As part of her role, it is important that Patricia has visibility into a customer’s service history to understand and improve the relationship with the customer. Occasionally, Patricia initiates service requests on a customer’s behalf to help build a positive relationship with her customers.

By viewing the customer contact records, Patricia can see the customer history, including cases from the Sales Automation and Customer Service applications. She gains insight and understanding into any service requests that the customer might have made to the contact center, which helps her better manage the relationship with the customer.

Patricia can initiate certain service cases without leaving the Sales Automation application. These are the same service cases that are available to contact center users but do not require access to that application directly.

Users switch applications

Occasionally, users of Pega Customer Service might need to use the complete Pega Sales Automation application or the users of the Pega Sales Automation might need to use the Pega Customer Service application. Authorized users can switch applications from the Operator menu. ​

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