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Requests and responses for an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook Messenger

The Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook Messenger sends a response when a Facebook Messenger user receives a message. The Facebook Messenger channel provides several responses that are used to manage standard response behavior. You can also create your own response.

The following table displays request and request types.

    Request type Request Description
    Response _cmd_chat_auth_req A Customer Service Representative (CSR) sends an authentication request to customer.
    End Chat _cmd_chat_end A CSR ends the chat.
    Response _cmd_chat_userauth A successful authentication response is sent to the CSR and customer during the CSR interaction.
    Forward-to-chat _cmd_F2C Forwards the messages from the customer to the CSR when in a CSR interaction.
    Link Account _cmd_link_me Used to authenticate customers when they want to perform an action that requires authentication.
    Response _cmd_no_action A response to a negative response to an exit case query.
    Response _cmd_chat_auth_req Manages the authentication through Messenger during a CSR interaction for both a request and a successful response.
    Response _cmd_csr_response Manages the messages from the CSR to the customer.
    Response _cmd_exit_case Provides a menu to customers when they can choose to exit the case that they are executing.
    Response _cmd_login Handles the action that was requested prior to requiring the user to authenticate once a positive authentication is achieved.
    Response _cmd_timeout_reminder Provides a warning that the session is about to time out based on the SLA.
    End chat _rsp_chat_end A message is sent to a user when the CSR has ended the message interaction.
    Response _rsp_didn't_understand A message is sent when the text analyzer cannot interpret which request to process.
    Response _rsp_echo Echoes a message back to the client.
    Response _rsp_error A generic error message to handle an error.
    Response _rsp_greeting A greeting message to be used for the first response to a new interaction or to interactions that have timed out.
    Deferred Action _rsp_login_welcome A response provided after a successful authentication when no other response is deferred.
    Withdraw _rsp_start_over Sent after a case is exited or withdrawn.
    Response _rsp_who_am_i A developer tool for validating accurate authentication.
    Response Chat With An Agent Escalates an interaction to a CSR.
    Reset Session Exit Active Case Withdraws the current case and resets to a generic interaction.
    Menu Help Creates a help menu that lists appropriate actions.
    Response Request Business Hours A sample unauthenticated query or response.
    Response Hello A basic greeting.
    Response Nearest Branch Query/response for finding the nearest branch.
    Response Change Address A service case for changing an address.
    Response Check Balance Query/response for checking the balance of an account.
    Response Check Last Payment Query/response for checking the last payment on an account.
    Response Check Last Transaction Query/response for checking the last transaction on an account.
    Response Check Next Payment Due Date Query/response for checking the next payment that is due on an account.
    Other request types handle customer interaction operations, such as authentication, escalation to chat, or ending the interaction. Accordingly, the request types listed above are not used for new requests.
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