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Date Time control in DX API

The Date Time control (pxDateTime) helps users select the date and time in forms. Learn about the JSON structure and elements of a sample Date Time control, to understand how you can integrate the element into your custom application.

The following JSON code is a sample API response for the Date Time control:

  "validationMessages": "",
  "visible": true,
  "labelReserveSpace": true,
  "readOnly": false,
  "control": {
    "modes": [
        "dateTime": "auto",
        "showReadOnlyFormatting": false,
        "allowTextEntry": true,
        "textAlign": "Left",
        "tooltip": "Data & time",
        "ignoreLocaleSettings": false,
        "displayLongFormat": false,
        "displayMode": "calendar",
        "calendarNavigation": "true",
        "minChars": "",
        "modeType": "editable",
        "controlFormat": "",
        "maxChars": "",
        "placeholder": "Deadline",
        "formatType": "text",
        "specifySize": "auto",
        "obfuscated": false
        "modeType": "readOnly",
        "dateTimeFormat": "DateTime-Short",
        "tooltip": "",
        "showReadOnlyValidation": "false",
        "formatType": "datetime",
        "obfuscated": false,
        "showAs24HourFormat": false
    "actionSets": [],
    "type": "pxDateTime"
  "label": "eta",
  "type": "Date",
  "required": false,
  "validateAs": "",
  "reference": "eta",
  "labelFormat": "Standard",
  "disabled": false,
  "testID": "202008140904060384476",
  "value": "",
  "maxLength": 0,
  "expectedLength": "",
  "fieldID": "eta",
  "customAttributes": {
    "testAttr": "testVal"

The following examples show a sample configuration of the control with the relevant JSON elements:

Cell properties - General tab
Cell properties - General tab
  • The expressions and When rules that are part of conditions, such as Visibility, Disable, or Required, return boolean values.
  • For conditions, such as Visibility, Disable, or Required, for the Condition (when rule) option, negation with the logical operator (!) is supported. For example, !pzVisibleWhen.
  • Fields, such as Placeholder or Helper text, return the corresponding values from the associated Pega rules.
  • The JSON response does not contain the data in the Default value field.
  • The response returns the name-value pairs that you add to the DX API attributes of the control as part of the customAttributes element.
Cell properties - Presentation tab
Cell properties - Presentation tab
  • In the Specify size setting, if you select Custom, two additional fields appear that determine the custom width of the control. The fields are:
    • A Width field whose JSON element is control.modes[0].charWidth of type string that takes the width as the input. 
    • A drop-down list field whose JSON element is control.modes[0].charWidthUnits of type string that takes the unit of the width as input.
  • The JSON response does not contain information on the fields whose JSON elements are not mentioned in the above image.
Property referenced in the control - Advanced tab
Property referenced in the control - Advanced tab
The message in the validationMessages element is displayed when the validation in the validateAs element fails.
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