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Adding additional channels to Next-Best-Action Designer

In addition to the built-in channels provided by Pega Marketing and Pega Customer Decision Hub, you can implement additional channels by extending the ChannelSettings decision data rule. For example, if you send out physical product catalogues to your customers, you can create a Direct Mail channel for these types of treatments.

  1. In Dev Studio, click Records > Decision > Decision data.
  2. Open the ChannelSettings decision data rule that resides in the Data-Decision-Request-Customer class.
  3. Click Check out.
  4. Click New.
  5. Configure the channel details:
    • Name - For example, Direct Mail.
    • Description - An optional description of the channel, for example, Used for product catalogues related to the Household line.
    • Channel icon - An optional icon to visually identify the channel in Next-Best-Action Designer. Available icons include pi-forward, pi-mail, pi-picture, pi-mobile-phone, pi-notification, pi-money, pi-headset, and pi-chat-typing.
    • ModelName - Enter NBA.
    • SettingName - A unique identifier for the channel, for example, DirectMail
    • SettingValue - Set to true to enable the new channel, or false to create the channel without enabling it.
      For more information about enabling channels, see 
      Enabling channels.
  6. Save and check in your changes.

The new channel now appears in the Channels tab of Next-Best-Action Designer. If it is enabled, you can also use it when configuring contact policies in the Constraints tab of Next-Best-Action Designer.

Creating treatments for additional channels

To create treatments for the new channel, do the following steps:

  1. In the Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub portal, click Content > Treatments.
  2. Click Create > Other.
  3. In the Channel list, select the new channel that you created.
  4. Fill out all other fields required to configure the treatment.
    For more information about treatments, see Defining treatments for actions.

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