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Applying the action value

Apply the action value to Next-Best-Action selection in order to assign a financial value for each action and prioritize high over low value.

This article describes the Next-Best-Action framework shipped with Pega Marketing™ 8.4 and  Pega Customer Decision Hub™ 8.4. For Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.5, see the Pega Customer Decision Hub User Guide on the Pega Customer Decision Hub product page.
  1. Create actions and specify their business values. For more information, see Creating actions manually
  2. In the Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub portal, click Next-Best-Action > Designer > Arbitration.
  3. Ensure that the toggle in the upper right corner of the Action value section is set to on.
    If the toggle is inactive, Next-Best-Action no longer takes action value into account when selecting the next best action for a customer.
  4. Optional: Click Base value calculation to view or edit the Calculate Business Value strategy, which defines how action values are calculated.
    The strategy uses a static business value property which you can enter on the Details tab of each action. The static values are used as input for the Calculate Value Extension strategy. By default, the Calculate Value Extension strategy does not have any calculation logic, and simply passes the static Value property directly to strategy results. To implement a custom logic for Value calculation, edit the Calculate Value Extension strategy.
    The Calculate Business Value strategy with the Calculate Value Extension extension point
    "The CalculateBusinessValue strategy"
    The Calculate Business Value strategy with the Calculate Value Extension extension point


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