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Capturing responses to actions triggered by a real-time container with the CaptureResponse service

Call the CaptureResponse REST service to capture responses to actions triggered by a real-time container. You can create the service request using the POST method.

Service URL


To automatically initiate the first action in the service request, use the following URL pattern:

Request parameters

For the request, the service expects a JSON Object with the action received.

Sample request

"RankedResults": [{
"Name": "PlatinumCardOffers",
"Issue": "Sales",
"Group": "CreditCards",
"Rank": 1,
"CampaignID": "NBA",
"InteractionID": "-563481321460449721",
"Outcome": "Accepted",
"Behaviour": "Positive"
"Channel": "Web",
"Direction": "Inbound"

Service response

For the response, the service returns a JSON object with the following attributes:

  • Status - The status of the request, for example, OK or ERROR.
  • Message - If the request failed, this parameter provides the description of the error.

Sample response

"Status": "OK",
"Message": "Response captured successfully"

Response codes

  • 200 - Successful invocation
  • 400 - Bad request
  • 500 - Internal error
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