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Configuring web treatments

A web treatment represents the visual message you want to communicate to your customer on the web channel. It typically consists of an image or HTML fragment and text which is rendered in a specific location on a web page. If a user clicks on this image or HTML, Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub tracks the click event and redirects the user to a specified web page. This redirection is specified through the click-through URL.

This article describes the Next-Best-Action framework shipped with Pega Marketing™ 8.4 and  Pega Customer Decision Hub™ 8.4. For Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.5, see the Pega Customer Decision Hub User Guide on the Pega Customer Decision Hub product page.
  1. In the Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub portal, click Content > Treatments > Web.
  2. On the Treatments landing page, click Create > Web.
  3. Enter a unique name and a description for the treatment.
  4. Specify when the treatment is active.
  5. In the Content URL field, provide a link to an image or HTML fragment to display for this treatment.
    For example, this can be the URL of an image hosted in a content repository.
    After you populate the Content URL field, a preview of the content is displayed on the bottom of the page. For image content, the Dimensions field shows the image dimensions in pixels.
  6. In the Click-through URL field, provide a link to a web page or a file that provides more details on the action for which you created the treatment.
    Clicking this link will re-direct the individual to the URL specified in this field.
  7. In the Format field, specify whether the treatment content is a plain image or an HTML fragment.
  8. In the Placement type field, select the intended location and style of the treatment design.
    For example, the treatment can appear as a large central banner, as a rotating strip of images, or as a footer.
  9. In the Language field, specify the language of the treatment.
  10. Click Create.

The treatment you created is now available for use in actions.

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