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Customizing the Pega Customer Decision Hub or Pega Marketing Dashboard

Customize the Pega Customer Decision™ Hub or Pega Marketing™ Dashboard to include the most important widgets and configure the desired goals for the metrics which the widgets monitor. When customizing the Dashboard as part of the application implementation process, you can then set the updated Dashboard as the new default for the whole application.

For more information about the widgets available for use on the Dashboard, see the guide that is appropriate for your version of the application:

  1. In the Pega Customer Decision Hub or Pega Marketing portal, click Dashboard.
  2. Click the Customize icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  3. To add a widget to a slot on the Dashboard, click Add Widget.
  4. Configure the widget.
    1. Hover your mouse over the widget. If there are additional configuration options, the Click to edit message appears.
    2. Click the widget.
    3. In the Edit dashboard panel, configure the desired goals for the metrics which the widget monitors.
      Sample widged configuration
      "Sample widged configuration"
      Sample widged configuration
    4. Optional: To configure the message that indicates whether the goals for the metric are met, in the Insight & Action section, click Edit, and then configure the underlying decision table, as in the following figure:
      Decision table for the Owned Media Spend widget
      "Decision table for the Owned Media Spend widget"
      Decision table for the Owned Media Spend widget
    5. Click Save.
  5. To rearrange the widgets on the Dashboard, hover your mouse over a widget and drag it into a new position.
    You can also change the Dashboard template, that is, the general layout of the widgets on the Dashboard, as in the following image. However, bear in mind that the default Marketing swimlanes template is optimized for the application widgets and is recommended in most cases.
    Selecting Dashboard template
    "Selecting Dashboard template"
    Selecting Dashboard template
  6. After making the required changes to the Dashboard, do one of the following actions to publish them:
    • To update only your own Dashboard, click Publish. Other users will not see your changes on their Dashboards.
    • To make the updated Dashboard the default for the whole application, for example as part of implementing Pega Marketing, click Publish > Publish to default.
      You can only update the default Dashboard configuration if your access group has the PegaMarketing_FW:PortalAdministrator access role.

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