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Matching individuals to their accounts in Facebook, Google or LinkedIn

Facebook Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads destinations enable you to target individuals based on their email addresses, phone numbers, device IDs, and more. Mapping destination API properties to Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub properties allows the integration to match known individuals to their accounts and target them with the right ads on the right platform.

After the connection is established, a one-way hashed PII is sent directly from Pega Marketing or Pega Customer Decision Hub to the ad platforms through a secure connection. If the one-way hashed PII matches what the ad platform knows about the individual, the audience is updated. The hashed PII values are then discarded.

After an anonymous link is established, Paid Media Manager can add and remove individuals based on the actions that have been assigned to them by Next Best Action in near real-time. Because people-based updates do not rely on website cookies, they can be triggered by scheduled runs, real-time container calls, or action responses.

For more information about configuring PII mappings, refer to the following articles:

Updating PII mappings and values

People-based paid audiences are kept up to date when PII mappings are updated or an individual's PII values change. Individuals are first removed from the audiences using the old PII. They are then re-added with the updated PII.

If you update a PII mapping, each audience for the updated destination will be rebuilt with new PII values. Rebuilding audiences based on updated mappings may take a similar amount of time as an initial scheduled run. The ProcessPaidMediaReSync agent scans for changes in PII mappings. If a change is detected, it triggers a resynchronization for that destination. By default, the agent is configured to run every 5 seconds.

For updates to individuals' PII values, the PaidCustomerResyncMaster agent periodically scans for changes. If a PII update is detected, for example, if there is a new phone number, the agent updates the information used for subsequent paid syncs across destinations which use that information. The individual is also removed from existing audiences which use the old PII and added back with the updated PII. By default, this is configured to run every 7 days.

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