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Testing the action flow

After you define the action flow, test it against seed customers to ensure that it works as expected. The action is tested against a seed list, that is, a list of dummy customers created for the purpose of testing. For more information about creating seed lists, see "Seed Lists" in the Pega Marketing User Guide on the Pega Marketing product page.

  1. Click the Test tab of an action where you want to test the flow.
  2. In the Select Recipients section, select a seed list for the action test.
    The test will be executed for each dummy customer in the seed list. All the data associated with the dummy will be available as customer data in the action test execution and will be used in the various flow shapes.
  3. In the Select Starting Point section, select the flow shape from which the action test should start.
    You can start the test from any of the flow shapes, except the End shape.
  4. In the Select a Channel and Direction section, specify the channel and direction of communication which should be tested.
  5. Click Test action.
    The test starts and any treatments associated with the action are sent to recipients. You can test the responses by clicking the links in the treatments. Results from the tests are not saved in Interaction History, and thus do not impact the performance of AI models which govern Next-Best-Action.
  6. To monitor the progress of the test, see the Track Results section.
    Any errors in the test are reported at the top of the Test tab. Correct them before you launch the test again.

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