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Troubleshooting Next-Best-Action Designer

Use the following troubleshooting tips to help solve issues related to Next-Best-Action Designer configuration.

Issue: Upgrade to Next-Best-Action Designer version 2 fails

If you have previously configured next best action using Next-Best-Action Designer version 1, upgrading to Next-Best-Action Designer version 2 is normally a seamless process. However, in some cases the process can fail due to the presence of older NBA Config and NBA Model rules in your system. If this happens, and you are not able to delete these rules directly from the Next-Best-Action Designer landing page, perform the following steps to find the rules in your system and manually delete them:

  1. In Dev Studio, edit the class Rule-PegaMKT-NBA-Model.
  2. List all the instances to find the rule that you want to delete.
  3. Write an activity to delete the rule instance based on the pzInsKey property.
  4. Edit the class Rule-PegaMKT-NBA-Config.
  5. List all the instances to find the rule that you want to delete.
  6. Open the rule and click Delete.

    Issue: "Exception in stage: Trigger_NBA_TopLevel" error appears when running an outbound schedule or container

    After an upgrade to Next-Best-Action Designer version 2, if you try to run either an outbound schedule or a real-time container, the run may fail with the error message Exception in stage: Trigger_NBA_TopLevel. To resolve the error, re-save the Next-Best-Action Designer Taxonomy:

    1. In App Studio, click Next-Best-Action > Designer > Taxonomy.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Run the outbound schedule or real-time container again.
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