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Troubleshooting Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud: Database index information not retrieved


Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) gathers database index information daily from monitored nodes to create recommendations for improving query performance. PDC creates a DB-/DBPackage- case for every poorly performing database query that exceeds the threshold limit value. Each DB-/DBPackage- case corresponds to a query that PDC parses to obtain the required metadata of a query, for example, tables, columns, clauses, and so on. Interpreted metadata generates corresponding advice. Additionally, PDC retrieves database index information of the monitored system to help you make better decisions based on the indexes that are already present on the monitored system and the indexes that you might create to improve performance. When advice is generated for a DB-/DBPackage- case, sometimes the database index information is incomplete or not available.


Index information could not be retrieved when this advice was generated.

Index information could not be retrieved when this advice was generated because parsing failed for the query and data could not be processed. If the total number of occurrences continues to climb, seek DBA advice.


For every parsed query, metadata contains the tables on which the database index information needs to be retrieved. PDC fails to retrieve the index information if the following conditions exist:

Error condition 1

The database index information of all the tables is pushed by a nightly agent on the monitored system. If the advice is generated before the database index information is pushed from the monitored system, no index information is available.

Error condition 2

In rare cases, the database index information that is pushed by the nightly agent fails to include the indexes of the newly created database tables; the database index information is stale.

Suggested approach

In PDC, open the DB- or DBPackage- case, and then click Actions > Regenerate Advice. This action regenerates the advice and makes it available in the database index information.

If regenerating the advice does not resolve the issue, manually push the database index information of all the tables of the monitored system by running the PushDBIndexes activity on the monitored system, and then, regenerate the advice.

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