Service requests included with Pega Customer Service

Pega Customer Service provides a set of standard service requests that define the work that may occur during an interaction between a customer and a CSR.

Service tasks/requests


Add Organization

Add a new organization and have it linked to a parent organization, if applicable. Part of the business bundle of service cases, capturing common business-to-business use cases.

Application Generated Follow-Up Survey

Auto-creates an NPS follow-up survey for Customer Service managers if a customer's NPS rating is 8 or less.

Change Account Address

Change an account address with the option to apply the change to related accounts, if applicable.

Close Account

Close an account for an authorized contact.

Create Lead‡

Create a sales lead during a customer service interaction and route to a sales rep.

Create Opportunity‡

Add, view, and modify sales opportunities during a customer service interaction.

Dispute Transaction

Log a disputed transaction or multiple disputed transactions for a contact.

Exercise Customer Data Rights

Support customer requests to exercise their GDPR or similar regulatory rights by making a request for data access and follow on requests (if applicable) to rectify, restrict, or remove personal data.

File a Complaint

Capture a complaint regarding any account, product, or other issue reported by a customer.

Guided Troubleshooting

Help customers troubleshoot and diagnose common product issues using a guided, step-by-step flow.

Log General Service Request

Create an ad hoc case to log a general customer request.

Make Offer**

Upsell or cross-sell to the customer with an offer suggested by Pega Customer Decision Hub.

Make Retention Offer**

Present a negotiate retention offer to a customer as suggested by Pega Customer Decision Hub.

Make Payment

Presents a make payment service task to an end-user. This service task is not presented to CSRs and isn’t available on the Interaction Driver. It is used as part of the sample to illustrate a chatbot case flow for tasks that might be specific to your self-service channels.

Modify Account Links

View and maintain a list of accounts associated with a contact.

Modify Contact Links

View and modify the contacts and their roles associated with an account.

Modify Organization Links

View and maintain a list of organizations associated with a contact or account. Part of the business bundle of service cases, capturing common business to business use cases.

Open New Account

Submit a new account application for a customer.

Report Lost or Stolen Card

Log a lost or stolen credit card and order a replacement card with multiple shipping options.

Schedule Activity

Schedule an activity such as a follow-up conference call for a customer, including the start/end date, topic, and location, and then specify an owner or route to a Workbasket. This task and workflow is shared across Customer Service and Sales Automation.

Send Correspondence

Send correspondence via email to a customer (contact or account holder).

Send Satisfaction Survey

Create and send a satisfaction survey to a customer.

Send Statement Copy

Submit a statement copy request on behalf of a contact.

Sends NPS Survey

Captures the Net Promoter Score rating received from the customer.

Start Co-Browse

Collaborate in real-time with a customer by sharing a browser session and providing visual guidance on how to navigate a web site.

Start Quality Review

Review customer service interactions, score the quality of the case, and provide feedback to CSR's and supervisors.

Update Contact Profile

Update contact profile information such as first, middle, and last name, date of birth, and marketing communication preferences.

Update Organization Details

View and maintain information associated with an organization including name, tax ID, and so on. Part of the business bundle of service cases, capturing common business to business use cases.

For more information visit the Customer Service product page.

**Requires Pega Marketing license. 
‡Requires Pega Sales Automation license.

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