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Create Pega Express Test Plan

The Pega Express test plan plots a path through the application, guiding the test team towards testing use case by use case, testing in the order in which journeys, microjourneys, and solution capabilities are developed.


A Pega Express Test plan simply shows the logical stages through a journey. Allowing the sprints to be planned so that they deliver actual testable entities and ensuring the test team focus their testing on that specific chunk. Using the example below, you may for example decide to prioritize the ‘Apply for Loan’ stage in the first sprint. This will allow the test team to focus on the relevant test cases for that part of the journey and ensures a sensible testable entity is produced from the sprint itself.

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In some cases, a project may have a dedicated specialist test team to augment business testers. This typically requires a detailed test plan to be created to support test activities; one with a detailed list of test scripts, data requirements and execution status. In this instance a Pega ExpressTest Plan should still be created. The Pega Express Test plan provides the ability for transparent test progress reporting that is easier to understand by the business.


This approach ensures a testable entity is available at the end of the sprint, which can be meaningfully tested and allows the gradual incremental testing of the journey as it evolves.

The test plan is designed to focus on business outcomes rather than on the minutia of detail. We strongly encourage business testing, by the business, who understand the expected outcomes.


The delivery team should create the proposed Pega Express Test Plan based on the logical break down of the microjourney(s). Use the template to create your Pega Express test plan.

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