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Discover describes the activities to be done while the project is being defined, including deciding on the microjourney™(s) to build, potentially representing it graphically in a service blueprint, collating the simple building blocks required to build a Pega application, and establishing a co-production project team.

Discover covers all the tasks to shape, size and define a project. The goal is to understand at a high-level what business outcomes the system is to deliver and the team that is responsible for delivering them.


The Discover phase is all about understanding the proposed solution, ensuring it will deliver the right business outcomes with the right team. This starts by identifying the journeys and microjourneys™ that deliver the most business benefit.

This phase helps crystalize quickly and in detail the project scope. App Studio allows you to capture what is needed to support the key microjourneys. However, using the Case Type Backlog to capture this information, allows you to then estimate the effort and team size. The Case Type Backlog tool ensures the project is sized appropriately and the right resources are identified to make sure the delivery is successful.


Based on understanding your desired business outcomes, the Discover phase will identify and gain agreement on the proposed microjourneys that will deliver the most business benefit. These can be further explored through the creation of a Service Blueprint that helps understand the experience from a customer’s perspective, helps look at the front and back office touchpoints, and flushes out all the information that is needed to build a Pega application. By using the Case Type Backlog tool it provides a quick estimation of the proposed work. You can capture something quite small and scale to a larger transformation microjourney. You can also capture the information directly into App Studio.

Within App Studio, you select which of the high-benefit microjourneys will form the initial Minimum Loveable Product (MLP1) and what will form subsequent MLPs. To help with readiness and test preparation, a “Day 1 Live Plan” is created to articulate what the business’ experience will be when the initial delivery goes live.

The readiness checklist is reviewed by the discover team with the client to ensure that everyone is ready to engage and start the project.  One essential step is the identification of the project team (including the training of any co-production resource), along with the provisioning of any environments that will be immediately required by the delivery project team.

The culmination of the Discover phase is a Delivery Hand Off meeting that sets the project team up for success and allows the Prepare phase to start.

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