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The Pega Delivery Phases

The Pega Delivery methodology is segmented into four phases, Discover followed by Prepare, Build and Adopt.


  1. DiscoverUnderstand the problem to solve

Describes the activities to be done whilst the project is being defined, including deciding on the journey to build, representing it graphically in a service blueprint, and establishing a Co-production team.

The output is an agreed scope, and a delivery team and all the infrastructure necessary in place.

  1. PrepareCreate building blocks for success

Describes day to day tasks during the first weeks of the project and the expected outputs – a detailed journey map, draft working software inside Pega, at least two sprints of user stories and effective Governance structures.

The output is a more detailed understanding of what is to be built, sufficient to allow rules configuration to being, and all the project process’ established to track and measure success.

  1. Build – Rapidly configure and test your Pega application

Describes how to iteratively build & test a Pega application, refining more user stories during each sprint.

The output is working software, that both meets definitions of done and passes all the relevant tests.

  1. Adopt – Change the business to achieve outcomes

Describes business change management, approaches to going live, the release process, and measuring business outcomes.

The output is the business outcomes planned for the project, plus refinements to the plan for the next release and set of outcomes.

Each Phase takes advantage of unique capabilities within Pega to ensure that applications are created and tested both rapidly and completely.

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