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Importing automation package components from your repository to Pega Robot Manager 8.2.2

During migration, you first import an automation package component to Pega Automation Importer and then you publish it to your repository in the target environment. Finally, you import the package component to the target environment's Pega Robot Manager.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the automation package component is available in the target environment repository. See Publishing automation package components to your repository
  • Ensure that you have the pxPostPackageMetadata privilege required to run the pxImportAutomationPackageFromRepo activity.
  • Copy the automation package component ID and file name from the target environment repository.
  • If you want to export only a specific version of the automation package component, copy the version number from the target environment repository.
  1. Log in to your Pega Robot Manager instance in the target environment.
  2. In the search box of Dev Studio header, enter: pxImportAutomationPackageFromRepo and open the activity
  3. Select Actions > Run.
  4. In the AutomationPackageId field, enter the unique identifier of the package component.
    The package component ID must match the package component ID on the repository.
  5. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To import a single version of the package component, in the AutomationPackageVersion field, enter the version number, for example 2.0
    • To import a package component with all historical versions, leave the AutomationPackageVersion field blank
  6. In the ArchiveName field, enter the automation package component file name, for example

    The file name must match the file name on the repository.

  7. Click Run.

Result: The selected automation package is now imported to Pega Robot Manager.

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