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What Git commands do you typically use with Updater?

You can use Git commands with Pega Robotic Automation Updater.

To enter these commands, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Start > Run and then enter cmd.
  2. At the command prompt, go to the Runtime folder by entering a command similar to one of the following commands:

C:\Program Files\OpenSpan\OpenSpan Runtime Enterprise\


C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSpan\OpenSpan Runtime Enterprise\

  1. Enter the following Git commands, including the quotation marks (“), as needed:
    • Show an asterisk (*) next to checked out branches and list all branches that were previously checked out.
      "../OpenSpan Updater/Git/git" branch
    • Show an asterisk (*) next to checked out branches and list all branches. Previously unchecked out branches show as remotes/origin/branch name only.
      "../OpenSpan Updater/Git/git" branch -a
    • Show the current version and any files that are in an in-between state. This also lists untracked files.
      "../OpenSpan Updater/Git/git" status
    • List the files that are in a bad state.
      "../OpenSpan Updater/Git/git" status --porcelain -uno
    • Restore the initial state. For this command, you cannot be running Robotic Automation Runtime and all related services must be stopped.
      "../OpenSpan Updater/Git/git" checkout -f 6.o/6.0.22222.0
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