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Data import rules and extension points

In Pega Sales Automation™, the dependency with flow execution when uploading data by using the File Listener and Data Import wizard for organizations, accounts, and contacts has been removed. In addition, the utilities flow logic has been redesigned to enable quick import.

To configure the data import process, review the following rules and extension points:


  • IsQuickImportEnabled – By default, this when rule is set to false. If you want to support the utility logic, set this when condition in the corresponding class to true.
  • pyPreProcessRecordOnImport – An extension activity that is provided by the Pega Platform. Use this extension point to find prerequisites that are required to create work objects and to run flows or utilities based on conditions.
  • WOAction – Logic for actions, such as create, update, and close, is based on this property.
  • crmDetermineAction – Logic for actions, such as create, update, and close, is implemented in this data transform.

Extension points

  • crmPreProcessRecord – Customizes mappings when uploading data.
  • crmPreProcessRecordQuickImport – This utility is a reference point for implementation to other work objects. Run this activity from crmPreProcessRecord.
  • CreateBusinessAccountExt – Creates business accounts.
  • CreateC2AExt – Link between accounts and contacts (creating a contact to account - C2A) when creating contacts.
  • CreateC2OExt – Link between contacts and organizations (creating a contact to organization - C2O) when creating contacts.
  • CreateIndAccountExt – Creates individual accounts when creating contacts.
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