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Service invocation

All of the supported MasterCom services are called from the InvokeMCOMClaimsMgrService flow. The flow takes the operation ID as an input parameter to run the InvokeMCOMClaimsMgrService data transform that calls the respective MasterCom service.

For example, to call the Transaction Search service, invoke the InvokeMCOMClaimsMgrService data transform by passing the TranSearch operation ID as an input parameter to the InvokeMCOMClaimsMgrService flow.

The InvokeMCOMClaimsMgrService data transform fetches the request data to the D_GetMCOMClaimsMgrServiceDetails data page and executes the TranSearch data transform that maps the work layer data to the D_TranSearch data page.

The D_TranSearch data page contains two data sources:

  • A Data Transform source that is used when simulation mode is enabled.
  • A REST data source that is used when a connection with the MasterCom system is established.

After the D_TranSearch data page is invoked with the required parameters, the TranSearchResponsePOST data transform maps the service response data from the integration layer to the data layer.

To handle errors and audit logging, the TranSearchResponsePOST data transform references the MCOMCLaimsMgrResponsePostProcessing data transform.

Finally, the data is mapped to the correct work layer property. The MasterCom Claims Manager's work layer contains a page list property for each service.

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