About Pega Web Mashup

Pega Web Mashup, known as the Internet Application Composer (IAC) in Pega 7.1.7 and earlier versions, enables you to embed an application as a gadget on the pages of a web application located on your intranet, extranet, or internet site. Such an application is called a Pega composite application.

The components and process for Pega Web Mashup

Previous to Pega 7.2.1, Pega Web mashup required the Gateway servlet. Currently, the Pega gadget can run in a different domain or different server and does not need the Gateway servlet.

This article provides an overview of how each part in a Pega Web Mashup implementation works. Additional articles provide configuration instructions, and development tips.

Pega Web Mashup versions

Use the table to below to find the version of Pega Web Mashup to use with your release:

Pega Version

Pega Web Mashup (IAC) Version


Gadget Manager File

PRPC 5.5 IAC V3 Gateway V3 PegaInternetApplicationComposer.js
(from the IAC_V3.zip distribution)
PRPC 5.5 SP1, any PRPC 6.1 release

IAC 4.2

Install ruleset
Pega-IAC:04-02 from the IAC distribution.

Gateway 4.2
or later
(downloaded from the
Gateway Configuration Console)
PRPC 6.2 or later

IAC 6.x

Use the IAC ruleset included in your PRPC installation.

Use the Gateway version equal to or later than the PRPC version. PegaInternetApplicationComposer.js
(downloaded from the
Gateway Configuration Console)
Pega 7 Platform

Pega Web Mashup for Pega 7

Use the Pega Web Mashup (IAC) ruleset included in your Pega 7 installation

Use Gateway version 6.2 or later PegaInternetApplicationComposer.js
(downloaded from the
Gateway Configuration Console)
Pega7 Platform version7.2.1 No separate rulesets need to be added Not required Not required

For PRPC 6.2 and later, the Pega Web Mashup (IAC) ruleset, Pega-IAC, is included with the base PRPC rules when your system is installed. You do not need to import the Pega Web Mashup rules separately. The Gateway application, prgateway.war, is included in the PRPC software distribution in the directory Additional_Products/IAC. To ensure that you are using the correct version of the Gateway, use the prgateway.war distributed with your PRPC distribution.

For Pega 7.2.1 and later, there is no longer any requirement to add the Pega-IAC ruleset to your application.

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