Resolving data capture issues

There can be several reasons why the data for an associate is not collected and analyzed by Pega Workforce Intelligence™.

The following list details the most common reasons why you might not receive data from an associate's computer after you implement Pega Workforce Intelligence:

  • The associate does not exist in Deployment Portal and the Runtime client uses single sign-on for authentication. Adding associates is the first step in implementing Workforce Intelligence. For more information, see Implementing Workforce Intelligence.
  • There is an issue with associate’s Runtime client installation. Common reasons for this include the following scenarios:
    • The package was not tested prior to deployment and there is an issue with Runtime package. Test the package for errors.
    • The associate is experiencing an issue with the machine that is unrelated to the Pega Robotic Automation Runtime client.
  • The software was deployed when the associate’s machine was running and the associate has not restarted or logged off and back on after the installation. Restart the machine. Locking the machine does not start the Runtime client.
  • The machine was offline when the software was pushed. This can occur, for example, if the associate was on vacation and the associate’s machine was not connected to the corporate network. Push the software again after the associate is online or ask the associate to download the software from the software center.
  • The IT team did not enter the correct machine name for the associate. This can happen, for example, when the associate is provided with a new workstation and the IT team does not have the updated information in their systems.
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