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What's new in Workforce Intelligence

Review the following features to learn about new functionality and improvements included in the most recent release of Pega Workforce Intelligence. For detailed information about all the changes in recent Workforce Intelligence releases, see the Workforce Intelligence release notes

Workforce Intelligence 8.5 includes the following new functionality and improvements. 

Better visibility for faster analysis

Analysts can now view a data collector who uses multiple network IDs as a single profile on all reporting pages. Data collectors might use multiple networks, computers, or Active Directory accounts to complete work. Each different network ID generates a new instance of the data collector, requiring analysts to manually aggregate data for all of these instances when analyzing reports. Administrators can remove this complexity by designating a primary ID for a data collector and associating alternate IDs with the primary ID. Administrators can also assign a primary ID and alternate IDs when creating data collectors. To meet all of your reporting needs, administrators can split alternate IDs from the primary ID if needed.

Join Users option for existing data collectors
"Join Users option for existing data collectors"
Join Users option for existing data collectors

More efficient methods to manage your organization

Rather than submitting hierarchy update requests to the Workforce Intelligence Service Delivery Team, administrators can now make bulk changes to your departments and data collectors directly in Workforce Intelligence. Export and import options significantly reduce the time required to update your organization. For example, administrators can export departments to get the correctly formatted CSV file, add or update department information within the file, and then import the file back to Workforce Intelligence. Similarly, administrators can use this export/import process to manage data collectors, such as adding new data collectors, moving data collectors to different teams, or even adding alternate IDs for a data collector. 

Self-service export and import features
"Self-service for managing your organization"
Self-service export and import features

Insights for improving workflow analysis

Several new insights help analysts focus on ways to improve workflows, including:

  • System and workflow insights to identify opportunities to implement a Pega auto-notes automation. This automation replaces the need for associates to manually enter notes about the actions they take. Analysts can review these workflows to determine where to implement automated notes to improve efficiency and reduce mistakes.
  • System and workflow insights to identify high variability in the number of paths that associates are taking to complete a workflow. High variability could indicate that associates are not following standards to complete work. Analysts can make use of this insight to determine whether they should change standards, retrain associates, or even implement an automation to help decrease the variability.
  • An insight to help analysts identify workflows that use Excel excessively. This insight could highlight opportunities to use Pega case management.

Endpoint authorization for increased security

The Workforce Intelligence portal provides the option of using endpoint authorization OAuth tokens to secure Robot Runtime routes. Implementing this security option requires Robot Runtime 19.1.63 or later. 

Improved support for application models

Robot Runtime 19.1.67 and later pull and use distributed application models from Workforce Intelligence, ensuring that all associates receive the models and that the clients are collecting the correct data. In addition, version 19.1.67 supports the ability to use a combination of screen elements to create more descriptive screen titles. These clear and consistent screen titles improve visibility in reports and workflow data in Workforce Intelligence.

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