PEGA0012 alert: Outbound mapping time exceeds limit

After a service receives and processes a request, the response data is then mapped from Process Commander properties back to the form that the requesting external system expects, such as SOAP, JMS, and so on.. A PEGA0012 alert is triggered when the elapsed time, in milliseconds, required for mapping the data from the response to the outside format exceeds the threshold setting.

Starting with version 5.3, this alert and its corresponding settings are deprecated. Elapsed time for response mapping is included within the elapsed time reported in the PEGA0011 alert.

Example message text

Service outbound mapping request time has exceeded the threshold of 500 ms: 9072 ms.

Default prconfig.xml settings

<env name="alerts/services/outboundMappingTime/enabled" value="false" />

Toggles the alert on ("true") or off ("false").

<env name="alerts/services/outboundMappingTime/threshold" value="500" />

The default threshold setting is 500 milliseconds (1/2 second). This setting measures elapsed (total) time, not just CPU time.

Reason for the alert

If the response data mapping is taking too long, examine the Rule-Service- instance. Make sure that the mappings are correct and that the data is organized efficiently.

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