PEGA0018 alert: Number of PRThreads exceeds limit

The PEGA0018 alert is triggered when the number of PRThreads that were created by a requestor exceeds the threshold value for the requestor.

A thread is created each time a developer runs a wizard or creates a context to test-run an application (without logging out of the developer desktop).

The system writes the alert to the Alert log file every time the threshold is passed. If your requestor has 4 threads, and then creates 3 more threads (for total of 7), the alert is written to the log. If you continue creating threads after the threshold has already passed, only one alert is in the log. However, if you close some threads so that the count of remaining threads is not above the threshold (down to 4), and then create another thread (going up to 5), a second alert is logged.

Example message text

The PRThread autoThread0 is above the PRThread count threshold. There are currently 7 PRThreads for the requestor H3B7588C7FECF138FF865C655B707D2A0

Default prconfig.xml settings

<env name="alerts/PRThread/count/enabled" value="false" />

This alert is disabled by default.

<env name="alerts/PRThread/count/threshold" value="5" />

The default threshold is 5 threads per requestor.

Reasons for the alert

When using the Developer portal, a developer can create a thread in the following ways:

  • Starting a wizard
  • Using the Run toolbar button

An application user can directly or indirectly create threads in the following ways:

  • Switching among applications
  • Clicking the Launch link on the WorkManager or WorkUser portal
  • Executing a connector that operates in parallel using child requestors
  • Executing some Declare Trigger and Declare OnChange rules

Each thread contains a clipboard and is resource-intensive. Before you add a new thread, make sure that a new thread is required.

If your application generates numerous new threads, the resulting memory demand will hurt performance. Review the design approach to reduce or eliminate threads.

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