PEGA0025 alert: Performing list with BLOB due to non-exposed columns

The PEGA0025 alert is triggered when performing a list operation in the PegaRULES database for a request that includes one or more properties that are not exposed columns in the table you are querying. The system must access the entire BLOB column (pzPVStream column, also called the Storage Stream) in each retrieved row to complete the list operation.

Alert message description

Performing list with BLOB because non-exposed columns are required.

Example message text

Performing list with blob; blob necessary due to following 1 property [pyDivisionCostCenter ] in table [pr_data_admin]

Reason for the alert

Retrieving the BLOB column is costly for performance because it adds to the transmission and memory demand.

Determine whether your request needs the non-exposed columns to fulfill the requirements. If the properties are required, and your application reads a large number of records or is executed frequently, consider exposing these properties as columns, so that the BLOB column is no longer needed.

Pega Platform 7.1.1 - 8.5 Pega Platform 7.1.1 - 8.5 System Architect Business Architect Project Manager System Administrator System Administration
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