PEGA0030 alert: The number of requestors for the system exceeds limit

Requestors are created each time a user logs in to the system. They are also created when an agent or service runs. The PEGA0030 alert is generated when the number of active requestors passes the threshold. This alert provides the number of requestors as seen by the master agent when the value is over the threshold.

The alert is generated each time the threshold is exceeded. For example, if the total number of system requestors exceeds the limit, falls beneath it, and then rises past it again, a total of two alerts are logged.

Example message text

Number of active requestors (210) exceeds configured limit of 200.

Default prconfig.xml setting

In the alerts section of the prconfig.xml file, you can update the following default values:

<env name=" /alerts/requestors/count/threshold " value="200" />

The threshold value is a positive integer that identifies the maximum number of requestors. The default value is 200 (requestors).

Reason for the alert

Requestors contain threads and clipboard data, which can be resource intensive. Therefore, keep track of how many requestors are created in a system to avoid out-of-memory errors and other resource problems when the system is in production.

Ensure that this node is not being overloaded with users, agents, and services. Possibly a node has gone down and all the users have moved to the node that is reporting the alert. Consider moving the load to another node, decreasing the requestor timeout threshold, or using a load balancer to allocate logins across multiple nodes.

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