PEGA0031: Generated stream overwritten and not sent to client

The PEGA0031 alerts occurs when a generated stream has been overwritten without ever being sent to a browser client. The processing steps used to create the stream might be wasted, because the stream was not sent.

Example message text:

Overwritten pxHTMLStream

The property pxHTMLStream contains the latest generated stream.

In this example, the activity steps are:

Step 1: Obj-Open
Step 2: Show-HTML - HarnessConfirm
Step 3: Show-HTML - HarnessReview

The Confirm harness (Step 2) is not displayed even though the stream is generated. Instead, the Review harness is displayed (Step 3) and produces a PEGA0031 alert, because it has overwritten the Confirm harness.

Reason for the alert

Identify the stream rule shown in the alert message, and investigate within your application the processing that causes the stream to be generated. For example, if your application includes an activity that mistakenly generates the stream in Step 6, and later repeats similar processing in Step 15, you can improve performance (and prevent the alert) by eliminating a redundant step.

In some cases, this alert might not indicate an issue or might not be easily addressed. For example, a rule might generate a stream when called from one activity and display that stream to a user. Another activity might call the same rule but display different information.

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